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The zebra brothers are, two zebra that seem to be the only ones of there kind. Sparky Black is a black zebra with white stripes, Sparky White is a white zebra with grey stripes. Both of them are dimwited and they argue a lot, so lots of plans fail. They also are quite childish and cowardly like their master, High Roller, and also have tricked many people and animals with their lies, which also leads theim into trouble.


  • Together they can form a wheel for a quick escape (used very often).
  • Both have lanterns that can be twirled for flight, or (under a full moon)can be used for magic when held close together, together they form a Ying and Yang.
  • Their magic powers under the full moon range from summon mosquito swarms (when they fought Lin Chung and Cheetah King and Queen at duckbill palace), to awakening an army of terracotta warriors, to fusing themselves into a giant monster (as they did with the Scorpions), to turning people into their opposite versions of themselves (gender and personality).
  • They can combine themselves into a giant soccor ball which can move on its own will, which is used to cheat in soccor games.