Woo the Wise
Woo 1232
Gender Male
First Appearance: Elephant Castle
Last Appearance Unknown

Woo the Wise is the inventor of Big Green. He is described as Hero 3 on the website. He is voiced by Adrian Petriw.


Woo the Wise is known to be very wise, according to him in Cheetah Castle 2. Every time he has an idea, a bubble always pops out saying he has no idea at all. He and Commander ApeTrully are very close friends, often looking the moon when it's night, as seen in "Octopus Castle". His shirt sometimes pulls up, causing him to get embarrased. He makes fake moustaches to look very older

Woo and InventionsEdit

In "Camel Castle" he was seen with a huge sniffer made of wood, and when he discovered the camel spit, he decided to deliver the Minty Gum to Big Green Air Force, and they give it to the camels, and then they chew it, turning their breath into fresh mint.

In "Baboon Castle" he was teaching First Squad about the Chinese Soak Berries and going with Parrot King to request the Baboons to join Big Green.

In "Rhino Castle" he made "The Rhino Typewriter", a machine he used by some rhinos stamping.

In "Crab Castle", Sammo became a submarine, thanks to invention 3436, a full sumbarine with cannon shooters.