Rabbit Castle
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date March 1, 2010
Production Code 101
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Elephant Castle

Rabbit Castle is the 1st Episode of Hero: 108.


The episode begins with mist a very grey sky, while the humans are running away and screaming in fear. The Zebra Brothers find that amusing, congratulating them with lollipops Master High Roller promised. Once Rosefinch finds, she went back to Big Green. While Commander ApeTrully was stacking bananas, Rosefinch told that the rabbits were attacking humans. Commander ApeTrully went with the Tank Army to request the rabbits to join Big Green with carrots, but failed, and got tied with a big carrot to play skiprope. Tortured, he signaled First Squad, but what was seen was a fight between Mighty Ray and Mystique Sonia. Mr. No Hands said they have to rescue Commander ApeTrully. Once yelling "First, Squad... Deploy"! Only Mighty Ray and Mystique Sonia went. They also failed: Mystique Sonia friendly hugged a trap and Mighty Ray fainted because of two rabbits, releasing acid, causing them to faint. Both of them were tied as same as Commander ApeTrully. All three wanted to know where was Lin Chung. He was seen getting some Bamboo Shoots, then returing to Big Green. Mr. No Hands told that Mystique Sonia, Commander ApeTrully, Mighty Ray were all taken captive at Rabbit Castle. Just after Lin Chung rescued them, the rabbits refused to surrender. They challenged First Squad to skiprope, but all three of them failed. Lin Chung had a plan, and it succseeded. The Rabbit King joined Big Green as a part of First Squad, while the Zebra Brothers headed to East Citadel, High Roller's home. When they interuppted his rope skipping and told him the rabbits made peace with humans, High Roller tied both of them with the skiprope and kicked them out, much to his anger.


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