Plot: First sqaud is in big greens gym,Jumpy Ghostface is showing them his strength by lifting some weight's only by using his ear's,he suddenly begins daydreaming about a race,with Mighty Ray in front then Mystique Sonia and Yaksha over take him then Lin Chung over takes them,finally Jumpy Ghostface hops into the lead leaving them behind him as he crosses the finish line and wins.Jumpy then burst's out with laughter and falls on the floor leaving first sqaud confused,Mr.No Hand's then hovers above Jumpy and angrily shout's."Jumpy!Stop you're useless daydreaming!Daydreaming won't get you anywhere!"Leaving Jumpy very upset.

Some humans are in a underground hole.Some are sleeping,others are awake.Suddenly the whole ground shakes and one of the humans says."Do you hear something...slimy?".She is right because up on the surface,a dozen parrot's that are riding on snails are approaching the humans hole,and they stop just a few centimetre's from the hole and their king fly's off one of the snails and he appear's to be carrying some pellet bomb's and he drop's them down the hole and they explode,almost gassing out the humans and as the gas head's out of the hole the parrots land on their snails and start their journey back to their castle.The humans pop their heads out of the hole only to hear some more rumbling.But it is infact some of big greens large calabash tanks and one of the humans says."Oh big green thank goodness you're here....we couldn't stand those parrot attacks for much longer."Then Commander Apetrully appears behind one of the tanks and asks the human if she said parrot,the human says that she did,Commander Apetrully then jumps about and says."At last I have been seeking the parrots for so long!"Apetrully then grabs the human and she screams as he shakes her about asking if she knew where the parrot's hideout was and she pointed in a direction and said."It's right over there."Apetrully then throws her up in the air and begins to act like a monkey including drumming on one of the tank gunners heads and swinging around a tank gun nozzle then he landed on a tank and waggled his eyebrows at one of the tank gunners and none of the humans knew what he was doing so he just stood up,cleared his throught and said."You stay hear and protect these people from you know er further attacks whilst I must face the parrots......alone!

Parrot Castle
Season 1, Episode 5
Parrot King
Air date March 3, 2010
Production Code 103
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