Mighty Ray
Ray 5472
Gender Male
Species Human
Weapon Eyes
First Appearance: Rabbit Castle
Last Appearance Unknown

Mighty Ray is definitely the burly force of First Squad. More of a doer than a thinker, Mighty Ray takes great pride in being the right guy for any job even if hes actually not. However, his overzealous and sometimes inept nature, can sometimes win the day. Mighty Ray enjoys loud burps, farts and bad comedy all of which are usually his own. His eyes are actually powerful weapons that shoot blasts of electricity at enemies. To re-charge his eyes, Mighty Ray must eat bananas which make him gag. His eyes can also be used as lanterns or thrown like grenades. Sometimes they pop out of his head and roll away, making them very difficult to find. Mighty Ray's signature yell is "I am Mightly Ray! Fear My Eyeballs!" Mighty Ray and Mystique Sonia have an interesting relationship. We suspect they actually like each other very much, but they squabble like siblings and are always competing against each other. Mystique Sonia is the only member of First Squad who knows Mighty Ray is afraid of the dark.