High Roller
Gender Male
Species Human
First Appearance: Rabbit Castle
Last Appearance Unknown

High Roller is the mmain antagonist of Hero: 108. He is known to make a lot of plans to torture the humans, or make plans to destroy Big Green.


High Roller was once a happy court jester, laughing and playing games. But, in a typically arrogant move, he insulted the former Emperor of the Hidden Kingdom and was immediately cast from the great East Citadel. He wandered alone in the forest, brooding and learning to hate humans. As fate would have it, he was struck by lightning, and gained the ability to speak the language of animals. He quickly discovered animals great weakness for candy and bribed them with sweets. Many animals joined his cause and helped kick humans out of their homes and castles. Now animal kings and queens must pay homage to High Roller and do his bidding. As the new Emperor of the East Citadel, High Roller gets to do whatever he wants and what he typically wants to do is attack humans (or get animals to attack humans for him), eat candy and play games. In fact, High Roller is a master of many folk games and these skills actually translate to the battlefield in dangerously unexpected ways. Combine this with the fact that he likes to play dirty, and High Roller is a formidable opponent for even the most skilled members of First Squad!


Relationship with the Zebra BrothersEdit

High Roller's relationship with the Zebra Brothers seems to be tense. In "Fierce Battle of the Pig and Skunk Armies", he commanded them to seperate. Sparky White was commanded to lead the Skunks, while Sparky Black was leading the Pigs. Once both animals joined Big Green, their punishment was to be scrubbed down to the floor.

In "Rabbit Castle", he kicked them out when they told him the Rabbits joined Big Green.

In "Folk Game Competition" he commanded them uncountably to tear up the building for the bears, make new buildings for the bears...

Sometimes High Roller and the Zebra Brothers have a softer side. In "Chameleon Castle" when the Zebra Brothers were playing skip rope, High Roller happily said "I wanna play".

High Zebra Torture

High Roller torturing the Zebra Brothers.

Conflict with Woo the WiseEdit

Both of them seem to have a very minor conflict.

It is revealed in a flashback of "Folk Game Competiton 2" that when High Roller was about to get his comic book back, he grabbed it, saying that he has to study, and then he can have his comic book back, but just replied "Gimme back my comic book!", while Woo said "Do more studying!", then High Roller "Gimme back my comic book!" Over and over.

In "Pitched Battle of the Air Force" when he said he was a cheater, he said that he lied about his dragon.


  • High Roller is the only human of East Citadel.
  • High Roller's right eye is completely blind so he is able to see with his left eye.