Golden Eye Husky
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Gender Male
Species Liger
First Appearance: Liger Castle
Appears in Liger Castle

Golden Eye Husky is a member a Big Green's Second Squad. Before he came to Big Green he was the Liger King. He first appeared in Liger Castle. He disguised himself so that he could take Big Green's tanks and Commander ApeTrully. Then Golden Eye Husky joined Second Squad. He's one of the well known Second Squad members next to Alpha Girl and Kowloon. Golden Eye Husky has the ability to breathe fire, like all other ligers. Golden Eye Husky, like all ligers, has really tough skin which makes it hard to hurt him. He's notable for being the only member of Second Squad to help on an important mission as he came with First Squad and ApeTrulley to save the Air Force in Porcupine Castle. He is one of the biggest members of Second Squad. Like all the Second Squad members, he strives to be the best and surpass First Squad. However they keep falling short of First Squad because they fail to realize that being the best means more than being good fighters. In Liger Castle, he and his cronies were pretending to be friendly to ApeTrulley and the Tank Army by wearing cute, harmless looking glasses. They then took control of the tanks and captured them. When First Squad showed up, they too were fooled until Yaksha popped Sonia's zit onto Golden Eye's glasses. Angry, he destroyed Yaksha and had the ligers fight them. After Sonia gets Yaksha back and together they beat the ligers Golden Eye challenges them to a ring throwing compition. With help from the Sailor Brothers they beat them and he joins Big Green.