First Squad and Commander ApeTrully

First Squad are the only ones to stop High Roller and his animal armies. First Squad are called on the most by Commander ApeTrully.


Mr. Nohands - The Leader of First Squad. Described as Hero 20 on the website.

Lin Chung - The Greatest sniper, and a tough karate warrior. He is the only Member of First Squad who is in the Air Force. Described as Hero 6 on the website.

Mighty Ray - The tough guy. Always uses his eyeballs as an attack. Mighty Ray is known to despise Mystique Sonia (usually). Described as Hero 25.

Mystique Sonia - The only female in First Squad. She always thinks everyone likes her, well, almost everyone. She is known to make buns, and care about Yaksha. Described as Hero 103.

Jumpy Ghostface - High Roller's servant until Rabbit Castle. Master of skipping rope, and throwing carrots as "bombs". He Learned to speak human language as of Parrot Castle and Parrot Castle 2. Described as Hero 88.