Elephant Castle
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date March 1,2010
Production Code 101
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Rabbit Castle
Liger Castle
This is the second episode of Hero: 108.

==Plot == Mighty Ray is the only one who has to train, even when it's hot in the desert, and he must practice eating bananas (Which he hates). Once he eat's the banana using his usual phrase ("I am Mighty Ray! Fear My EYEBALLS!!"), he destroyed the target, also making a shortcut through a canyon. Mr. NoHands commanded him to eat another banana, but this time got paralyzed, fainted, only saved by Mystique Sonia.

Mr. NoHands reliazed it was hotter in Big Green, he talked to Woo the Wise (He actually said he had a plan, but his mind was telling him he didn't even had an idea, but told him that it's a "very good plan").

First Squad went to Elephant Castle (Jumpy Ghostface, Mystique Sonia, Mighty Ray, Mr. NoHands, Albeit Lin Chung was stopping just to draw a tree), but questioned where were Commander ApeTrully and Lin Chung (even the tank commander didn't know, but Lin Chung used a bird to draw the Mysterious Tree, then went to Elephant Castle), while Mighty Ray discovered that the Elephants were using whistles to whip humans, and saw the Commander. He rescued him, but the elephants refused to surrender, and demanded a whistle blowing contest (Anyone who blows the whistle longest wins). The Elephant King blew the whistle for probably 5 seconds, but Mighty Ray only farted while blowing the whistle. Lin Chung arrived, and showed his drawing, altough Sonia dissaprovingly and unsatisfingly said that Lin Chung's mission was to draw a tree. The Elephant King ruined it and Lin Chung angrily told him to apologize immediatly, but the Elephant King won't do it unless Lin Chung can beat his Whistle blowing record. Lin Chung used the move called "Master Stroke" and blew the whistle for more than 7 seconds, and so loud that the end exploded. The Elephant King Fainted, but Mighty Ray revived him, by using a banana, then his Eyeballs. The Elephant King told him he will love to be allies with humans, and he got a job at Big Green by blowing cold air all over Big Green, which causes Mighty Ray to sneeze (repeatedly), due to his summercold.