Commander ApeTrully
Gender Male
Species Ape
First Appearance: Rabbit Castle

ApeTrully is the eccentric, well-meaning leader of the peace-making force known as Big Green. Commander ApeTrully formed Big Green in hopes of restoring friendship between animals and humans. This reunion is, however, not easily achieved and certainly not through ApeTrully's rather naive peace negotiations which begin with an offer of gold and usually end with ApeTrully being captured by the enemy. ApeTrully is actually the 33rd Monkey King, but hides his true identity because he mistakenly believes that the Heroes of Big Green will never follow a monkey. So, he wears a disguise that looks more like a monkeys idea of a human than a human itself. ApeTrully is well schooled and knows a great deal of archaic knowledge of the land. He learned the Human Language from the Parrot King in the times before the war. He is also known for uttering sweet, inexplicable exclamations such as "Sweet Banana Pudding!" and "What in the name of monkey crumbs?" He flies a personal helicopter that is powered by two insects , closely followed by the Big Green Air Force or Army for his own protection. ApeTrully keeps a bag of bananas in a safe in his headquarters and often tells the bananas how much he loves them. He is also rather obsessed with neatness and stacking bananas.


Commander ApeTrully is a red monkey with white flame on his chest, he also has a white face witenagemot scarlet colored eyes, ApeTrully wears a brown mask white mask resembling a candy bar, the mask has yellow sight visors with black rectangles and has a yellow and taupe umbrella with a blue pad on it's head, Commander Trully also wears a cardboard box with a picture of an olive green robe with purple and brown stripes and an olive colored robe that reached his legs