Camel King
Camel King
Gender Male
Species Camel
First Appearance: Camel Castle

The leader of Camel Castle. He's distinguished from his subjects in several ways: he's the only one with a pink head, he's the only one that's blue, he's the only one with stripes on his humps, and he's slightly bigger too. His favorite thing to do is drawing. He loves art so much that it's why he joined Big Green and he often judges others, especially humans for their art. He has great interest in Commander Apetrully's unique figure he used him as a model for his subjects to draw after he captured him. He apparently likes abstract art and he loved the Lin Chung showed him because he thought it was abstract. He can join with his soldiers to form a big camel creature that can attack with their tails. He can be very strict and stubborn when it comes to drawing. Examples include when he whips ApeTrulley for moving while the other camels draw him or when he beats Lin Chung in a drawing contest. In "Camel Castle" he had his minions attack the humans. When ApeTrulley came to befriend him, he captured him and had his subjects draw ApeTrulley. When First Squad came the camels knocked them out with their stinky spit which forced Lin Chung who was drawing ApeTrulley to take them out of there. After the Camels breath is freshened from the mint gum dropped by the Air Force First Squad manages to defeat them. Camel King states that he'd only join Big Green if he was showngood art Lin Chung, despite everyone's efforts to stop him, accidently shows his drawing of ApeTrulley which he loves so much that he, alon with his subjects, cry in joy (because he thought it was abstract). They hail Lin Chug and join Big Green. In "Camel Castle II" he is able to talk and he has a strong desire to surpass Lin Chung. When he wins the drawing contest he leaves Big Green, feeling humans are inferior artists. He drives the humans away and ApeTrulley comes to get him to reconsider he decision. But this results in him getting used as a model again and the infantry engage the camels in battle. When First Squad (barring Lin Chung who's trying to find the inspiration to draw again in the bamboo forest) arrive they get squished by a rock. When he hears of the this he brings Elephant King to help puff up his friends but not before drawing an abstract picture inspired by their squished figure and shows it to Camel King. Awe-strucken and deeply impressed, he rejoins Big Green. His job is to draw maps and clues for those at Big Green.